Shredabull Sweat Stix™ – For Extreme Drip

Shredabull Sweat Stix

For extreme Drip

Cutting Edge Innovation


All in the palm of your hand – no water or mixing required

Caution – High Strength Formula

Available in 7 stick packs and 24 stick packs.



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Do You Like To Push Boundaries?!

We do. Shredabull Sweat Stix are going to push you like you’ve never been pushed before. All from the palm of your hand, no water or mixing required, no artificial nasties, and a taste that will blow your mind!

Ever had one of those incredible workouts, where you’re smashing your personal records, performing your best, and you’re just ‘in the zone’ and chalking up win, after win, after win. When you finish that final set and you’re drenched in sweat, heart racing, and buzzing with motivation. When you feel THAT good, and you’re crushing every single one of your goals…

Ever wished you could trigger that exact winning feeling, on demand, with something so simple?

The fact is, most fat loss and physique conditioning is won by a battle over mind and motivation, that pushes your bodies to the extreme. If you can control your mind and thoughts, you’re committed to winning and nothing will get in your way. Imagine throwing in a switch, that you could activate on demand - a switch that shifts your physical and mental state into that winning mode. Extreme action for extreme results.

Well, you’re about to experience the EXTREME, with Shredabull Sweat Stix.

Just one small, delicious, pouch, directly on the tongue, and you’re melting! Literally. MELTING FAT! Remember that workout where you’re drenched in sweat and WINNING, well now you can activate that on demand - and you sure will SWEAT!

WIN WIN WIN with the combination of ShredSweat Complex & ShredBiome Complex - our combined formulas developed for optimising mind & mood, ramping up your metabolic furnace like you’ve never experienced before, and topping it all off with our foundational gut health enhancement formula.

Your furnace has never burned so fiercely.

One packet is all it takes - prepare for the EXTREME.

At Project AD, we are committed to effective formulas that flat-out work. Science and innovation are at the heart of our brand, and every product we put out on the market is meticulously tested on a diverse range of athletes who feedback to us on whether or not they will benefit the consumer before we release it.
It is this painstaking commitment to excellence that attracts the high calibre of athletes that make up #TeamAD.
All of our athletes use our formulas, are passionate about educating others, and stand behind our range as a testament to the effectiveness of the line. It’s the reason they say the Project AD range is the #AthletesChoice.


How to Use


Mix ½ – 1 sachet of Shredabull Sweat Stix with 200ml of cold water and consume 15 minutes prior to workout. Alternatively, you can pour directly onto the tongue and swallow.

First time users of Shredabull Sweat Stix should only use half a serving (1/2 sachet) 15 minutes before workout.

Can be used in conjunction with other stimulant based fat loss and pre-workout products from ProjectAD.


Do not exceed 1-2 servings per day. Store out of reach of children. Not suitable for persons under 18 years of age, pregnant or lactating women. It is not recommended to take this product with alcohol. If under medical supervision or on medication please consult your doctor before use. May cause extreme sweating, this is normal and will pass with time.

Store at 15-30C (59-86F). Protect from heat, light and moisture . Do not purchase if product seal is broken.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What our pro says

Drip on demand, sweat equity – we’ve just gone and broken another barrier with this insane Shredabull product. Completely stimulant free, you’re going to be in denial though, as you’re going to be sweating like you’ve never sweat before. Sweat Stix is some next level formulation – you just have to try it to believe it…

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