Brad Rowe


HOMETOWN : Seabrook NH

HEIGHT : 5'10"

WEIGHT : 250

Name: Brad Rowe

Contest Weight: 240

Off-Season Weight: 260

Occupation: Prep coach, personal trainer, commercial actor

Residence: Los Angeles CA

Favourite Athlete and Inspiration:
Bo Jackson (football/baseball) he was the greatest athlete ever to live in my and many experts opinion. A very humble man who continually works on giving back to his community. It amazed me that someone with such talent who excelled in two professional sports had the attitude he did. His career was cut in his prime to a horrific hip injury that only occurred because how truly strong he was. The injury obviously devastated him, but he did not let it define him.

I am inspired not by greatness but by what people have to overcome in life, and also by people's selflessness. My wife is honestly one of my biggest inspirations. She has such a huge heart and dedicates a large part of her life, trying to make others better.

Nutrition Principles:
I don't put weight in one particular approach to nutrion. It's truly about experimenting with myself and clients to find what fits best. I have clients on true keto, I have clients on low carb diets, I have clients on high carb diets. Each person processes things differently so you must find what not only allows them to perform at their best physique wise but also function in life.

Training Principles:
Intensity is the biggest key. I don't care if you want to lift heavy for low reps, or light for high reps. Put everything you have into every working set and train to complete failure with moderate rest phases and you will make progress.

Current Goals:
Rule the world!! Truly I have so many things I want to accomplish. I want to insert myself as one of the best ambassadors in the fitness/bodybuilding world. I know I am not an elite competitor but I offer so much more as far as personality, knowledge, and looks that sets me apart.

I have goals to grow my Brad Rowe brand in the industry as well as the Front Rowe brand my wife and I have created. That encompasses my prep services, doing seminars, our merchandise, and just connecting better with fans.

I also have aspirations to get into real estate. My wife and I are looking into flipping houses and owning multiple rental properties in the years to come.

I want to be a father in the next few years. Nothing I can accomplish in my life will ever equal what being a father means to me.

My Motivation:
My wife and family are my motivation. I want to be able to provide for my family, take care of my grandmother and my parents, as well as my future family. I have been away from my family for 6 years to find success and missed out on so much in their lives that if I do not give me all, those sacrifices would be for nothing.

Favourite AD Supplements and Why:
Raging Full has to be at the top along with the entire Wellness line. I have to put Raging Full a hair above because I have issues with bloating and food and this allows me to get a good amount of carbs in around my workout while keeping me from bloating and effecting my workouts.

Favourite Body Part:
Legs are my best and favorite to train although I have had to back off training them over the last couple years as they are overpowering.

Favourite Prep Meal:
Taco seasoned turkey with asparagus, hot sauce, and garden tomato rice cakes

Favourite Cheat Meal:
Burger, fries, 2 slices of pizza, coffee ice cream with Oreos crushed up into it, and a warm brownie drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce

Too many to list from my early sports days. State Champs in football my Jr year, I was offensive mvp that game. Started in our state all star game and was star of the game. Multiple offensive and special teams player of the week in college are those highlights.

Bodybuilding- Overall Excalibur, turned pro at 2013 NPC Nationals, 2nd, 2-3rds, 4th, 2-5ths at pro shows. Olympia 2015 competitor.

Multiple fitness covers and spreads through out the years in fitness magazines

Career Highlights:
Taking 3rd in my Pro debut when I thought I wouldn't even get last call out. Competing in the 2015 Mr Olympia after tearing my quad pretty bad just 6wks earlier.

-BS in Biomedical Science
-Masters program in Biomedical Science
-ISSA certified trainer and nutritionist

-contest prep
-strength and conditioning for athletes

Favourite Quote:
"Embrace the suck"

How did you get into fitness and competing?
I was actually found on MySpace by a fitness agent that got me a lot of model work and then suggested I compete for exposure.

How do you balance your social life and fitness life?
Balance?? My wife is a competitor and works in the industry so we understand the sacrifice and know we are working towards a better future.

Who do you look up to in the fitness industry?
Cutler is probably the biggest influence in the industry with what he created as a business man.

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