Dominick Cardone


HOMETOWN : Brooklyn, NY

HEIGHT : 5'9

WEIGHT : 245lbs

Contest Weight: 223lbs

Off-Season Weight: 240-260lbs

Occupation: Contest Prep Coach

Residence: Brooklyn, NY

About Me:
Dominick P. Cardone III was born in Brooklyn, NY on June 30, 1993. He spent his childhood working construction and concrete with his father, building a strong work ethic and understand what hard work truly means.
A natural born athlete, Dominick played football while growing. He began weight training going into his sophomore year of high school to prepare for the upcoming football season. After only about a month of research, he had discovered YouTube videos of Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler. Dominick was hooked. He had found his passion. It was then he decided, one day he will become a professional bodybuilder.

Favourite Athlete and Inspiration: Kai Greene

Nutrition Principles: No set strategy! The body changes, so we must adapt. I do believe food choices ARE essential, as everyone may respond different to food choices etc. So it simply isnt really set in stone what my principles are. Even with my clients, always changing and always adapting.

Training Principles: Heavy and hard but with PERFECT FORM. For year I went heavy with high volume but not the best form. It got me far but if I kept going like that an injury was bound to happen and would definetly not keep seeing the same results.

Current Goals: To really take my coaching business to the next level, I have a passion for helping people reach there goals, both competitors and non competitors. Would one day like to own a small but perfect private gym where i can train people hands on and have control of there nutrition.

My Motivation: My motivation is myself and my future family. I really want to solidify my future financially and be the best in all that I can be. I must set an example for the up and coming generations!

Favourite AD Supplements and Why: 1. Ravenous- It truly is the best supplement on the market for digestion and stomach health. I do notice a massive difference in my digestion rate with and without ravenous. I also notice much more bloat without it as well as less hunger. 2. Matador- I typically get fat very easy so its easy for my to become insulin resistant. With matador in play I can really hold this off much more and I do in fact notice a difference in my body composition when I have matador in (which is always haha!). 3. Raging Full- I LOVE intraworkout nutrition. However it is hard to find a intraworkout that has almost everything in one. As well as has the digestive rate as raging full without bloating and upset stomach. The pumps are amazing, the digestion is great and the taste is awesome! Mixes easy and never clumps.

Favourite Body Part: LEGS!!!!!

Favourite Prep Meal: Flounder and veggies

Favourite Cheat Meal: SUSHI!!!!

2010 NPC Metropolitan
-1st Place Teen A
-1st Place Teen Overall
-4th Place Novice LHW
-5th Place Open LHW

2011 NPC Eastern USA
-1st Place Teen B
-1st Place Teen Overall
-1st Place Novice LHW
-5th Place Open LHW

2012 NPC Teen Nationals
-1st Place HW

2014 NPC Eastern USA
-1st Place Open HW
-1st Place Open Overall

2014 NPC Nationals
-1st Place HW
-Earned IFBB Pro Card

Career Highlights: Winning my pro card at nationals at the age of 21 while my mom was there in 2014. She was undergoing treatment for leukemia. She passed away May 3rd 2016.

Favourite Quote: "Put all your eggs in one basket and watch that basket." Andrew Carnegie

How did you get into fitness and competing? I began working out when I was 15 for sophomore football. After only one month of working out I discovered youtube videos of ronnie coleman and jay cutler. After watching them I was hooked….. I competed for the first time when I was 16 and the rest was history.

How do you balance your social life and fitness life? I do it a lot more now than I used to. After my mom died I quickly learned to realize tommorrow is not promised nor do you know what can happen today. Live life with no regrets. So I make sure I spend time with brothers, sister and Dad now as much as I could. As well as with my girlfriend and those close to me. I balance it as best as I could, when its time to get focused, than its lock down.

Who do you look up to in the fitness industry? Kai Greene….Here is a man who was homeless, abused and poor most of his life. He wasnt dealt the best deck of cards nor did he have any family. He still went on to become succesful not only with bodybuilding but with business. Now in movies, mainstrem media and much more, he really has taken himself to the next level.

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