Jamie Do Rego


HOMETOWN : Cardiff, Wales, UK

HEIGHT : 5ft 6

WEIGHT : 250lb

Name: Jamie Do Rego

Contest Weight: 200lb

Occupation: Online coach

About Me: My background is portugese and egyption, I have always been heavily involved in sport from a young ages competing at national level as a teen in a number of sports such as football, athletics and rugby. As I got older I started realizing that I actually enjoyed the training aspect of sports much more than playing the game, this is where I found my love for bodybuilding! The gym was always my therapy, a place where I could go whenever I wanted to get away. I think this is why I have so much passion for the sport as no matter what is happening in life the gym is always there for you to clear your mind and re focus.

Nutrition Principles: I believe in keeping things simple, clean quality whole foods has always worked great for me when it comes to contest prep or offseason! Keep it simple, these days everyone is trying to re invent the wheel and I think this is why we see a lack of consistent quality on stages these days. Simple works don’t over complicate things.

Training Principles: Im a huge believer in hard work and inetsnity when it comes to training, nothing can beat consistent hard work in and outside of the gym. A lot of my training currently revolves around progress overload using very strict form, as I have got older I have started to realise the importance of from and connecting with the targeted muscle rather than just loading the weight, connection and stimulation is key with training.

Current Goals: my goal has always been to turn IFBB pro.

My Motivation: my motivation comes from self belief and bettering myself as not only a bodybuilder but also as a person, my aim is to be better in aspects of life.

Favourite AD Supplements and Why: AD supplements are some of the best quality and formulas around, I actually used the brand for a number of year prior to becoming and athlete. I swear by there products!

My favourite supplements that I sue on a daily basis are:

Liver +
Heart +
Amino taur
Raging full

Shredabull (during prep)


Favourite Body Part: legs

Favourite Prep Meal: salmon and rice

Favourite Cheat Meal: burger and chips

Career Highlights: north east champion, 2 x welsh champion, overall welsh champion.

Favourite Quote: “if your absent during my struggle, don’t expect to be present during my success” ~ Will Smith

How did you get into fitness and competing? I got into competing through sports and the love for training.

How do you balance your social life and fitness life? Balance over the year has been hard but iv finally found my way around it, I think the key is making time for it, you have to make conscious effort to prioritize your time. Iv found this the best way.

Who do you look up to in the fitness industry I look up to a number of the ifbb pro athletes especially those who have came from nothing and show what can be done with consistent hard work. People like flex lewis and phil heath are great role models for our sports and not only successful bodybuilders but also business men.