Stefanié Nadine


HOMETOWN : Somerset, England

HEIGHT : 5ft1

WEIGHT : 130lbs

Contest Weight: 113lbs Off-Season Weight: 130-140lb Occupation: Online coach Residence: United Kingdom About Me: Online coach & bikini competitor from England. Currently been training for 5 years and first started competing in 2015. Nutrition Principles: Calories in vs calories out. Simple. Training Principles: Heavy! I love compounds and strength training. I like to keep it pretty simple. There are many fancy ways of doing the exact same movement nowadays but I like to stick to the basics. Current Goals: Continue to grow my online coaching business. I took a year out from competing to focus on this and it is definitely paying off! There is no better feeling than helping others achieve their goals. My clients motivate me every single day! Next year I hope to step on stage with an improved physique! My Motivation: My family! I want to make them all proud. Favourite AD Supplements and Why: Has to be Aminotaur. I use BCAAs every day without fail! The cola flavour is my favourite! Also love Matador! Wouldn't have a high carb meal without it! Favourite Body Part: hamstrings Favourite Prep Meal: Steak Favourite Cheat Meal: Donuts! Waffles! French toast! Pancakes! All the carbs Awards/Trophies: British champion, 2 x overall champion Career Highlights: 2016 British champion Favourite Quote: "make more moves and less announcements" How did you get into fitness and competing? I was very underweight and unhappy! I struggled to gain weight and felt like no one understood as society seems to think all girls want to be skinny/slim! I didn't, I wanted to feel strong! That was when I found the gym. It was never my intention to compete when I started training. I just wanted to look better and feel healthier. I trained for 3 years working on building muscle before I decided to step on stage. How do you balance your social life and fitness life? In the offseason it's not hard. Prep is a little more difficult as you need to be much more strict. But you can still socialise without eating/drinking off plan. Having family and friends that understand your lifestyle and goals makes it a lot easier. Who do you look up to in the fitness industry? No one person in particular! I love the fitness industry as a whole. Everyone continually trying to better themselves and doing something we all love. I've grown a lot as a person since finding fitness. It's taught me discipline & determination. You only get out what you put in! Follow On: Website > Stefanie Nadine Team Nadine Fitness